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Some references for our fields of activities

R&D collaborative projects:

  • Set-up / coordination / partnering
    Teranova, Forensor, CHARISMA, COMBO, CROWDREC, Gianststep, ACCORDANCE, PII, netlab, MOBITHIN, Mobile Gamearch, FUSION, DICONET, 4NEM, CHORUS (A/V search engines), CHORUS+, Danae, Phenix, BREAD , BROADWAN (Wireless Access Network), MediaNet (audiovisual network),
    Projects on scalable video coding and mobile TV (SCALIMAGE, VOD and IMS),Kaleidoscope, Emep
    PII (experimental facilities).
  • Reports, audits and evaluations for the European Commission (EC)

Industrial consulting:

  • Specification of complete testbed in Britanny
  • Techno and economical study of cable, wireless, FTTx architectures in the framework of BREAD
  • Monaco cable: techno economical analysis of infrastructure, network, system for new services introduction
  • Analysis of test platforms and test platform interconnection economics
  • FT R&D : support on different RFPs on STP, IPTV systems, conditional access.
  • Support of cable operator RFPs and vendors choice for network equipment, head-end and conditional access


  • Full time support of 3GPP secretariat (RAN) for 6 years
    ETSI: Analysis of lawful interception of IP multimedia services on cable: production of a standard
    ETSI: Analysis of engineering process for introduction of interoperability in standardization: benchmarking and recommendations
    IETF: follow-up of rohc (several RFC production / contribution)
    DVB: chairmanship of different committees on IP services and interactivity and specifications
    DVB follow up for SMEs


  • Training on Mobile TV standards; benchmarking on CAS / OMA-DRM
    TDF : training on scalable video coding
    Iwedia, Streamezzo : training on mobile TV (DVB-CBMS)
    Arris Interactive : training on audiovisual in general (standards, architecture, products evolution)
    Numerous training on data and IP header compression
    Numerous trainings (bi-quarterly) on European projects